Mornington Peninsula


State: Mornington Peninsula
Latitude: 38 ° 20 S
Rain in growing season: 386 mm
Mid January temperature: 18.8 ° C
Harvest time: Late March to late June
Wine varieties white: Chardonnay & Pinot Gris
Wine varieties red: Pinot Noir & Shiraz


Mornington Peninsula is characterized by the strong maritime, cool climate. The sea is very important for shaping the overall climate, even in the center of the peninsula. The wind blows from the north and west or from the south and east, usually in this part of the world, the wind does come from somewhere. It is not disputable that it is a cool climate, but to find out exactly how cool it is differs very much from where it is measured. Relative humidity is high, hours of sunshine abound, and rainfall enough during winter and spring.

Soil & Topography

As for the soil in Mornington Peninsula, the main soil types are mainly the yellowish-brown and brown soils: crumbly, well-drained clay.

Wijnhuis Paradigm Hill

Year of foundation: 1999
Winemaker: Dr. George Mihaly
Recommended wines: Pinot Noir
Vineyard size: 4.2 hectares
Average production per year: 1500 boxes
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Wijnhuis Ocean Eight

Year of foundation: 1997
Winemaker: Mike Aylward
Recommended wines: Chardonnay & Pinot Noir
Vineyard size: 16 hectares
Average production per year: 5000 boxes
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