Gundagai Region


State: New South Wales
Latitude: 35 ° 07 SB
Rain in growing season: 240 mm
Mid January temperature: 24 ° C
Harvest time: Late February to late March
Wine varieties white: Chardonnay
Wine varieties red: Shiraz & Cabernet Sauvignon


The climate of the Gundagai Region is characterized by a strong continental climate, with warm days and cool nights, a remarkably high average temperature in January between much cooler spring and autumn weather conditions. Taking the area climate into account, the Gundagai Region is capable of producing a diverse variety of wine styles just like any other region in Australia.

Soil & Topography

The soil types mainly consist of red soil, less often areas of reddish brown soil occur.

Wijnhuis Borambola Wines

Year of foundation: 1992
Winemaker: Richard Parker
Recommended wines: Shiraz, Chardonnay & Sparkling wine (blanc-de-blanc style)
Vineyard size: 8.7 hectares
Average production per year: 5000 boxes
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