The grape has a thick skin and grows best on higher soils, but can also withstand a warm climate. To get a lot of acid, aromas and elegance, a cooler climate is needed. But to get the high sugar levels and thick skin for the intense color, heat is needed. In the interior of Spain on higher plains, the days are warm and it cools down sufficiently at night. Here the tempranillo thrives best, with the Ribera del Duero region as an example.

The Tempranillo grape has a lot of aroma and is therefore widely used in assemblies. The Rioja wines are combinations of Tempranillo with supporting grapes such as Grenache and Carignan (in Rioja called Mazuelo). Due to the higher height in the Ribera del Duero, varietal wines can be made here. In Toro there is generally a higher temperature and this has created a clone here, the tinta de Toro, which can withstand higher temperatures.

Source: Wikipedia